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Philadelphia Inquirer

Edith Sowers, Helen Flnnessy, Blanch Houderj LU.r Goldberg. Edna Standen, Helen Scull Retta Txian, Anna Ranton...Edith Johns. NOttTH^RN LIBERnES, ELEVENTH SECTION.-Ida Wansleben. Clara Kreedgood, Ida M. Pflsterer, Fannie R...Edith O. Fischer. Gcrtnide W. Clav. Reba J. Haegele. Grace L. Ellis. Margueilta Berger. Lola L. Eckel. Elsie ....Philadelphia Inquirer (Newspaper) - June 30, 1903, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 30, 1903 - Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Of America

Bradford Era

Edith, we’ll have to hurry or be late to the sales. Maybe we’ll discover another Knight Errant.� But Ed...Edith had a weakness, too. It was roulette. The croupier at the roulette wheel had seen Edith come in and hur...Edith came in to play. There was a standing order to this effect. “How many horses did we buy tonight?� E...Bradford Era (Newspaper) - December 4, 1939, Bradford, Pennsylvania
December 4, 1939 - Bradford Era - Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States Of America

The Bossier Banner

Edith with a sigh of relief. “ I am so glad to see you, Uncle George,� said Edith, timidly; “ for tho...Edith sat down opposite to each other; both were very pale. “ T hankG od!� said Edith, and she covered h...Edith looked startled beyond mess- ure. “ The fact is, Edith, I am not mv ft ther.� ; “ What do you me...The Bossier Banner (Newspaper) - July 5, 1877, Bellevue, Louisiana
July 5, 1877 - The Bossier Banner - Bellevue, Louisiana, United States Of America

San Antonio Light

Edith, we'll have to hurry or be late to the sales. Maybe well discover another Knight Errant." But Edith flus...Edith remarked. muscular aches yield prompllT to the> quick-acting formula.> But Edith had It was roulette. Th...Edith came in to jjiay. There was a standing order 0 this effect. "How many horses did we buy to- Edith asked ...San Antonio Light (Newspaper) - January 25, 1939, San Antonio, Texas
January 25, 1939 - San Antonio Light - San Antonio, Texas, United States Of America

Warren Mail

EDITH CLIVE. BY CATHARINE BARTON. JOHNSON Sc BROWN, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, will giv«j prompt at...Edith, when Mrs. John Wallingford had retired. “If you have been unkind to him, Edith, I can never forgive ...Edith! Only the children remained the same to her “Miss Clive,� said Mrs. John Wallingford as Edith sat a...Warren Mail (Newspaper) - October 28, 1854, Warren, Pennsylvania
October 28, 1854 - Warren Mail - Warren, Pennsylvania, United States Of America

Logansport Pharos Tribune

Edith remarked Dont do it youll jinx both me and the horse Slim laughed With a reckless flourish of the pen Ed...Edith had weakness top It was roulette The croupier at the roulette wheel had seen Edith come in and hur riedl...Edith cama in to play There was a standing order to this effect How many horses did we buy to night Edith aske...Logansport Pharos Tribune (Newspaper) - November 25, 1939, Logansport, Indiana
November 25, 1939 - Logansport Pharos Tribune - Logansport, Indiana, United States Of America

Bloomington Weekly Leader

Edith Courtenay was declared sole residuary legatee of her cousiu’s “ real estate and personal property.â€...Edith acquiesced with the graceful calm that seemed habitual to her, Carruthers was constrained to admit that ...Edith, remarking facetiously, “Ho I hear we have become companions in misfortune.â€� Weeing Edith look rathe...Bloomington Weekly Leader (Newspaper) - October 2, 1879, Bloomington, Illinois
October 2, 1879 - Bloomington Weekly Leader - Bloomington, Illinois, United States Of America

Burlington Evening Gazette

Edith with this question trembling upon her lips: "John Gordon, do you know what day this is?** When Edith a...Edith, I must say that you look very w< ll indeed this morning, my dear. What’s the occasion?� Edith blus...Edith?� he said. "Aren’t you well?� "Who, I? Perfectly well,� returned Edith with rising indignation,...Burlington Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - June 18, 1909, Burlington, Iowa
June 18, 1909 - Burlington Evening Gazette - Burlington, Iowa, United States Of America

Oil City Derrick

Edith Slim, at the former’s request cameramen whisked Edith waiting limousine, where she be snapped solo. W...Edith, we'll have to hurry or be late to the sales. Maybe we ll discover another Knight Errant.� But Edith ...Edith looking ata Slim as though she thought this incredible. “I wired her from Omaha." “Oh." Edith said...Oil City Derrick (Newspaper) - December 23, 1938, Oil City, Pennsylvania
December 23, 1938 - Oil City Derrick - Oil City, Pennsylvania, United States Of America

Sacramento daily record union

Edith had vanished before this sentence had reached its climax, and Erie resolved to rejieat it next day. Edit...Edith, “Go on, niv child your serve. Any one would think and Eric were two years old.� Edith began to‘s...Edith sjioke. ‘Set! at last gasped Edith, bneath-triumphant, and the four players moved toward the water pi...Sacramento daily record union (Newspaper) - August 6, 1887, Sacramento, California
August 6, 1887 - Sacramento daily record union - Sacramento, California, United States Of America