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Sag Harbor Express

Edith , nud I foi l quite cortuin will mak e you a ("ood hu baud.. ' '•Oh , pupii ," ejaculated Edith , ncrv...Edith. I Here it i.-." I "And you saw him , Janet ?" piocoedod • Edith , an she eagerly took it. "He was ' n...Edith shivered. '•Yon must not leave to-morro w, Sir Martin !" she said , in n low tone. "Yon conc ent. Edit...Sag Harbor Express (Newspaper) - December 23, 1886, Sag Harbor, New York
December 23, 1886 - Sag Harbor Express - Sag Harbor, New York, United States Of America

Atlanta Sunny South

Edith?� “Why, Hattie, what a question!� . “Well, Edith. I tell you all of my secrets; you might tell ...Edith. Edith. I am so sorry for you. But it will in time.� “I trust so. dear. I should be very unhappy if...Edith is paid for; every dollar.� "The Edith?� “Yes; you do not know, but the Edith is the name my ves...Atlanta Sunny South (Newspaper) - December 3, 1898, Atlanta, Georgia
December 3, 1898 - Atlanta Sunny South - Atlanta, Georgia, United States Of America

Muscatine Evening Journal

Edith went up to her and asked her what on** she wauled. Edith bought lh* in aud gave them to her, saying “I...Edith Soent Her Christmas Money. j “Oh! ma rn ma, if i < mid only have I it for Christmas!â€� said Edith. â...Edith Spent Her Christmas Money. Edith Long wa- a little girl !♦ years of age. Sh* wa- very kind-hearted an...Muscatine Evening Journal (Newspaper) - December 16, 1905, Muscatine, Iowa
December 16, 1905 - Muscatine Evening Journal - Muscatine, Iowa, United States Of America

Burlington Daily Times News

Edith is not one of those. TINGLING BEGAN In January 1980 Edith contracted a cold and a lingering, hacking c...Edith had to be helped out of the log flume ride. She was too weak to stand up by herself. When Edith and her...Edith Buekaloo with her studies (above). Mrs. Moore’s says of Edith, “She takes advantage of everything sh...Burlington Daily Times News (Newspaper) - February 22, 1982, Burlington, North Carolina
February 22, 1982 - Burlington Daily Times News - Burlington, North Carolina, United States Of America

Philadelphia Times

Edith A. Young.    Katharine W. Janney. TWENTY SECOND SECTION-CENTRAL GIRLS’ GKAMMAR. Mn Hon S. Kirk.    E...Edith L Smedle.v,    Mary    Jefferies. Edith A. Smith.    Addle M.    Jones. Carlota R Alves.    F.tnma L. ...Edith w ilson Leoly    O.    Bonney.    Irene W. Cot!Ingham. Theodora B. Wtgtoo,    Swan Shell. Edith A    ...Philadelphia Times (Newspaper) - June 27, 1902, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 27, 1902 - Philadelphia Times - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Of America

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

Edith was' to go with them. And when Edith laid her head on her pil- low that night, she whispered softly: "Du...Edith cried. In great Jo "Careful, her father "Don't move." "We are Edith answered. "Not yet, Edith; my hei fa...Edith your j valid chair, laid her head OK jitr IUJH- daughter Edith." band's breast, saying: All this time th...Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (Newspaper) - September 8, 1914, Fort Wayne, Indiana
September 8, 1914 - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States Of America

Muscatine Journal

Edith opened it and there stood uncle Ben with two large bundles un der his arm He gave the bundles to Edith a...Edith Spent Her Christmas Money Oil mamma it i could only Have it for Christmas said Edith It is the pretties1...Edith spent her Christmas money and I think it is a very good way Verna Auten age 10 Richmond Then Edith got a...Muscatine Journal (Newspaper) - December 16, 1905, Muscatine, Iowa
December 16, 1905 - Muscatine Journal - Muscatine, Iowa, United States Of America

Brownsville Herald

Edith. led ber to th© waiting motor Captain Jonea saw them off. and Edith aam to bim: "You must call and me...Edith. Then, at the approach of a thirsty lion, Edith wr7 f Z Jty * \#Vc/y - 1 ,r/_VL: - & On and On Edith...Edith crfed. In great joy. "Careful. Edith,� ber father called. “Don’t move.� "We ar** saved,� Edit...Brownsville Herald (Newspaper) - March 31, 1915, Brownsville, Texas
March 31, 1915 - Brownsville Herald - Brownsville, Texas, United States Of America

Canton Daily News

Edith, though I    re.o ption c lothes;    you    alwaya    have I lf you Ilk mr In fhat Edith'* far too    â...Edith commanded. "What Is It. Jlmrnle?â€� asked Maria. Just us Edith made a dash st her brother, the doorbel...Edith dear,’ you know how little nie Edith and I were going to tho DK’* "he hasâ€�?'I Just meant doesn’t...Canton Daily News (Newspaper) - September 26, 1919, Canton, Ohio
September 26, 1919 - Canton Daily News - Canton, Ohio, United States Of America

Daily Times

Edith, shocked. They caught sight of Jack standing 5 I mar. Edith was passing on, with her i head erect, but ...Edith protested, faintly. “Madam,� said Jack to Edith, �1 regret th at you have thought so meanly of me...Edith. "I suppose we must do without the money.� him. and Edith was clearing away the I H,‘r mutber, who...Daily Times (Newspaper) - October 16, 1904, Dubuque, Iowa
October 16, 1904 - Daily Times - Dubuque, Iowa, United States Of America