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Bloomington Weekly Leader

Edith Courtenay was declared sole reai duary legatee of her cousiu's “real estate ami personal property.’â...Edith acquiesced with the graoeful calm that seemed habitual to her. Car ruthers was constrained to admit that...Edith, remarking facetiously, “Ho I hear we have become companions in misfortune.â€� Heeing Edith lisrk rath...Bloomington Weekly Leader (Newspaper) - October 2, 1879, Bloomington, Illinois
October 2, 1879 - Bloomington Weekly Leader - Bloomington, Illinois, United States Of America

Bellows Falls Times

Edith spoke. “Set!� at last gasped Edith, breathlessly triumphant, and the four players moved towards the...Edith had vanished before this sentence had reached its climax, and Eric resolved to repeat it next day. Edith...Edith. Think how long I have kuown and�?� ‘•Very well,� Said Edith, luruing the full glory of her s...Bellows Falls Times (Newspaper) - August 17, 1893, Bellows Falls, Vermont
August 17, 1893 - Bellows Falls Times - Bellows Falls, Vermont, United States Of America

Marshall Clark County Herald

Edith, as excited as Mr. George, seized him wit!) both hands br the coat-sleove ^“m^Tuth ' and pulled him w...Edith laughed “ Not worth while, indeed, my dear ‘madam,� he said,«las Edith began to make room for Ms...Edith "Constantly, nerpetualh," said Edith, lier mice still a little choked “ And ii hat docs she say of me...Marshall Clark County Herald (Newspaper) - June 20, 1877, Marshall, Illinois
June 20, 1877 - Marshall Clark County Herald - Marshall, Illinois, United States Of America

The Richmond Palladium And Sun Telegram

Edith wrth this ques- tion trembling upon her lips: "John Gordon, do you know what day this is? ',' When Edith...Edith, I must say that you look very well in- deed this morning, my dear, What's the occasion?" Edith blushed ...Edith?" he said. "Aren't you well?" " Who, I ? Perfectly well," returned Edith with rising indignation, immedi...The Richmond Palladium And Sun Telegram (Newspaper) - May 5, 1910, Richmond, Indiana
May 5, 1910 - The Richmond Palladium And Sun Telegram - Richmond, Indiana, United States Of America

Margaretville Catskill Recorder

Edith Lane resolved once aiffi again afteff her father’s return that sHe would tell him that she had lost h...Edith was left to her own newly acquired skill in managing her own business for the next six weeks. What soon...Edith first made the nustake wMch many other people make of thinking that it wüldC; any good to say aloud, â€...Margaretville Catskill Recorder (Newspaper) - November 21, 1890, Margaretville, New York
November 21, 1890 - Margaretville Catskill Recorder - Margaretville, New York, United States Of America

Portland Daily Press

Edith Markham, the late Mrs. Burtonfnrd’s niece. Everybody had always said Edith and Eric were intended fo...Edith Markham. But there was this strange condition in the will: If Edith, during the time that she remained...Edith and Eric toward each other. As far as they knew, Eric had not been near Swarfton, and Edith had not se...Portland Daily Press (Newspaper) - April 15, 1887, Portland, Maine
April 15, 1887 - Portland Daily Press - Portland, Maine, United States Of America

Syracuse Herald

Edith E. pres- ent 212 Bruce. Fairview block iot 24. 33x115.50 vacant. Tax...............16 31 Vogel. Edith pr...Edith E.. Fairview block 4. lot 24. 33X115.50 va- cunt Vosel. Edith E.. Croly. Fairview tract. block 4. lot 23...Edith B.. Fairview tract. block 4. lot 17. 33x115.50 va- cant. Tax VoceL Edith E.. Croly. Fairview block 4. lo...Syracuse Herald (Newspaper) - March 9, 1935, Syracuse, New York
March 9, 1935 - Syracuse Herald - Syracuse, New York, United States Of America

Wheeling Register

Edith Hume still, but soon to be Edith Rufford. This luxurious, well appointed, artis- tically furnished En...Edith were pleased with the new member of the house party. After dinner Edith was at the piano, Mrs. Brenth...Edith, do show Janet your beryl.� Edith un- fastened the brooch which she was wearing, and Mark, who was ...Wheeling Register (Newspaper) - May 6, 1894, Wheeling, West Virginia
May 6, 1894 - Wheeling Register - Wheeling, West Virginia, United States Of America

Kane Republican

Edith entered the anto room and Mrs Alorris forthwith pre sented Duncan Jones Edith felt a distinct quake in h...Edith was to go with them And when Edith laid her bead on her pil low that night she whispered softly Duncan I...Edith Ran ran and her horse opposite directions On and on Edith ran till she saw a Kafir could she know that t...Kane Republican (Newspaper) - December 28, 1914, Kane, Pennsylvania
December 28, 1914 - Kane Republican - Kane, Pennsylvania, United States Of America

Salem News

Edith, well have to hurry Or be late to the sales. Maybe well discover another Knight Errant But Edith flushe...Edith hud a weakness, too. It was roulette I ne croupier at the roulette wheel had seen Edith conte in ana hut...Edith came in to play. There was a standing i arder to this effect. "How many horses did we buy tonight?� E...Salem News (Newspaper) - December 1, 1939, Salem, Ohio
December 1, 1939 - Salem News - Salem, Ohio, United States Of America