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Philadelphia Inquirer

Edith. Are thoiitlie blessed angels qulrlng, father? Edith. O God ofbattles, make their wall of shields PlftB...Edith.    And    no David To meet him? y%n»nj.vi anothe ’ fol*1*    g8(1X011 on him, Edith.    Hare merc...Edith, Edith, I have loet heth crown And husband.    .    ~ Edith.    So    have    I.    #u*    u' I tsil t...Philadelphia Inquirer (Newspaper) - December 26, 1876, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
December 26, 1876 - Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Of America

Bristol Courier

Edith Ashleigh, his employer. She knew she had nothing to fear from Flo, but Edith Ashleigh was different. Sh...Edith had a weakness, too. It was roulette. The croupier at the roulette \yheel had seen Edith come in and hu...Edith came in to play. There was a standing order to this effect. “How many horses did we buy tonight?� E...Bristol Courier (Newspaper) - October 17, 1939, Bristol, Pennsylvania
October 17, 1939 - Bristol Courier - Bristol, Pennsylvania, United States Of America

Ukiah Daily Journal

Edith Walker, who was born June 20, 1893 in Bangkok, Siam. the daughter of a medical miwronary.. Edith Adamsen...Edith for refreshments, following the regular circle - meeting.- They had prepared two cakes,, one for Edit...Edith says, the classmate found her own bed full of bricks. , Edith expresses a great deal of pleasure over he...Ukiah Daily Journal (Newspaper) - June 23, 1972, Ukiah, California
June 23, 1972 - Ukiah Daily Journal - Ukiah, California, United States Of America

Defiance Democrat

Edith asked. “A matter of four or live miles. Just a delightful treat to me. I love the country, especially...Edith, is not that exquisite?� Edith did look, but more at her companion than at the drifting shadows, as s...Edith, isn’t he splendid?� , “Very pleasant.� “Oh, Edith, you always qualify what .you say'. Why c...Defiance Democrat (Newspaper) - May 16, 1895, Defiance, Ohio
May 16, 1895 - Defiance Democrat - Defiance, Ohio, United States Of America

Flora Hoosier Democrat

Edith Timmons. Hen�?1st, Edith Timmons. Buff Rock: Pullet�?1st, Dr. W. H. Lane; 2nd, Dr. W. H. Lane; 3rd...Edith Timmons. Apple Butter�?1st, Edith Timmons; 2nd, Stella .Givler. Peach Butter�?1st, Edith Timmons; 2...Edith Timmons. Cherry Sauce�?1st, Mrs. Walter Greider; 2nd, Edith Timmons. Grape Sauce�?1st, Edith Timmo...Flora Hoosier Democrat (Newspaper) - October 13, 1928, Flora, Indiana
October 13, 1928 - Flora Hoosier Democrat - Flora, Indiana, United States Of America

Catskill Recorder

Edith Lane resolved once anjl again after her father’s return that sue would tell him that she had lost her...Edith was left to her own newly acquired skill in managing fier own business for the next six weeks. What soo...Edith this letter: aNtOny nr, a to to edith: lane. Wednesday- Morning, July 8. My UeaK'MisS’ Lake�?-As I...Catskill Recorder (Newspaper) - November 21, 1890, Catskill, New York
November 21, 1890 - Catskill Recorder - Catskill, New York, United States Of America

Boston Sunday Globe

Edith, I will wager that you know more about it than any man on my staff.� "Why should I?� asked Edith. ...Edith. “He has been in Congress, my dear.� "Ob,� said Edith. Yes, I remember I saw him there, but lie ...Edith, my love, we really have a Democratic governor after all.� "Yes papa, said Edith, with enthusiasm and...Boston Sunday Globe (Newspaper) - November 23, 1890, Boston, Massachusetts
November 23, 1890 - Boston Sunday Globe - Boston, Massachusetts, United States Of America

Delphi Journal

Edith Timtnons .Apple Butte/�?1st, Edith Tlmmon.s; 2nd, Stella Oilier. Peach Butter�?1st. Edith Tinmuns: ...Edith Tlmmon.s. Cherry .Saucp-lst, Mrs. Walter Greider; 2nd, Edith Timmons. Grtpe Sauce�?1st, Edith Timmon...Edith Timmons. Crabapple Preserves- 1st. Edith Timmons. Grape Preserves�?1st, Mrs., Walter Greider; 2nd. E...Delphi Journal (Newspaper) - October 11, 1928, Delphi, Indiana
October 11, 1928 - Delphi Journal - Delphi, Indiana, United States Of America

Columbus Daily Enquirer

Edith with a sigh of relief. “I am so glad to see yon, Uncle George,� said Edith, timidly; “for though ...Edith sat down opposite to each other; both were very pale. “Thank God!� said Edith, and she covered her ...Edith tried to read. “Don’t read, Edith,� said the young unole, suddenly. “Talk instead.� She ahnt...Columbus Daily Enquirer (Newspaper) - April 29, 1877, Columbus, Georgia
April 29, 1877 - Columbus Daily Enquirer - Columbus, Georgia, United States Of America

Waterbury Evening Democrat

Edith," said Ned Newcomb. " Well, be It so. It Is not your fault, nor Is it mine that I love you so dearly. sh...Edith. It is hard, my dear girl, to lov with such intensity as mini) when it can-uo- t be returned. Yet I sha'...Edith sung at the house, whisper hope to my mind, aud there may yet be 'light upon my path, and sunshine in my...Waterbury Evening Democrat (Newspaper) - May 25, 1889, Waterbury, Connecticut
May 25, 1889 - Waterbury Evening Democrat - Waterbury, Connecticut, United States Of America