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Wichita Daily Eagle

Edith Lane. How it happened that they were all in this box shall now be briefly told. It was some six months b...Edith Lane's father called her into his own room. He then ex- plained to her that she was so old that sho must...Edith had a safe of her own, had begged her to take care of them, and at her second visit to the safe Edith ha...Wichita Daily Eagle (Newspaper) - October 12, 1890, Wichita, Kansas
October 12, 1890 - Wichita Daily Eagle - Wichita, Kansas, United States Of America

Pocomoke City Worcester Democrat and Ledge Enterprise

Edith, we’ll have to hurry or be late to the sales. Maybe we’ll discover another Knight Errant.� But Edi...Edith had a weakness too. It was roulette. The croupier at the roulette wheel had seen Edith come in and hurri...Edith relent?� “No, I’m A. W. 0. L. Edith or no Edith, Lafayette I’m here.� “After all, Edith pays...Pocomoke City Worcester Democrat and Ledge Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 9, 1940, Pocomoke City, Maryland
February 9, 1940 - Pocomoke City Worcester Democrat and Ledge Enterprise - Pocomoke City, Maryland, United States Of America

Boston Sunday Globe

Edith, shocked. They caught sight of Jack standing near. Edith was passing on, with her head erect, but her mo...Edith protested, faintly. “Madam,� said Jack to Edith, “I regret that you have thought so meanly of me a...Edith hesitated a moment. “A�?a messenger gave it to me on the way home.� Edith was always most truthful...Boston Sunday Globe (Newspaper) - May 8, 1904, Boston, Massachusetts
May 8, 1904 - Boston Sunday Globe - Boston, Massachusetts, United States Of America

Hermann Advertiser Courier

Edith, as excited as Mr. George, seized “ Not worth while, indeed, my dear madam.� he said, as Edith bega...Edith with a sigh of relief. “ I am so glad to see you. Uncle George,� said Edith, timidly; “for though...Edith, con- nurse. “ Sit here, and don’t move, Edith, while I take your ticket; mind you don't stir;�...Hermann Advertiser Courier (Newspaper) - June 22, 1877, Hermann, Missouri
June 22, 1877 - Hermann Advertiser Courier - Hermann, Missouri, United States Of America

Worcester Skandinavia

Edith �? vackra Edith, som folk ocksft kallade henne. Husbondefolket, grannarna, lftrpojken, alia hade reda ...Edith s&g pft honom. Afven Edith skrattade at honom och gjorde spektakel at hans tafatthet. Men en dag da de m...Edith for sig sjalf! �? men i det afgorande ogonblieket svek honom modet. Till slut en dag, da han fann Ed...Worcester Skandinavia (Newspaper) - April 16, 1913, Worcester, Massachusetts
April 16, 1913 - Worcester Skandinavia - Worcester, Massachusetts, United States Of America

Quincy Daily Herald

Edith. ^ .MqntroM./ Prido wtta apparent inf every look , and wo. d and..motion�?in’every, one of her “ ...Edith, after being desired to leave her,.returned to he^. old sea*, and leaning , her bead on her hand, looked...Edith. And-now, let me explain again. 1 have told you that I am a married man, but I have not told you all, Ed...Quincy Daily Herald (Newspaper) - March 20, 1865, Quincy, Illinois
March 20, 1865 - Quincy Daily Herald - Quincy, Illinois, United States Of America

Syracuse Herald

Edith present Pairview block lot 33x115.50 vacant. Tax 6.55 ToceL Edw. M. Edith present Pairview block lot 33x...Edith present Fairvlew block lot 33x115.50 Icet. vacant. Tax 6.65 Vogel. Edw. M. Edith present Falrvicw block ...Edith present Fairview block lot vacant. TAX............... Edw. M. Edith present Fairvlcw block lot 33x115.50...Syracuse Herald (Newspaper) - March 10, 1934, Syracuse, New York
March 10, 1934 - Syracuse Herald - Syracuse, New York, United States Of America

Indianapolis People

Edith Gum, my long lost Edith, I would know her were she but to speak to me, even though she were dead a twelv...Edith, over whose beautiful head some sixteen summers had passed. Xarcy loved Edith, but Edith returned not bi...Edith, mine own love!" (They hug.) Edith, aside, "How feminine does he squeeze; strange I never noticed it be...Indianapolis People (Newspaper) - February 9, 1873, Indianapolis, Indiana
February 9, 1873 - Indianapolis People - Indianapolis, Indiana, United States Of America

Ukiah Daily Journal

Edith Walker, who was born June 20, 1893 in Bangkok, Siam, the daughter of a medical missionary. Edith Adamsen...Edith says, the classmate found her own bed full of bricks. Edith expresses a great deal of pleasure over her ...Edith for refreshments following the regular circle meeting. They had prepared two cakes, one for Edith and on...Ukiah Daily Journal (Newspaper) - June 23, 1972, Ukiah, California
June 23, 1972 - Ukiah Daily Journal - Ukiah, California, United States Of America

Catskill Recorder

Edith with a sigh of relief. “ I am so glad to see you, Uncle George,� said Edith, timidly ; “ for tho...Edith sat down opposite to each other. Both were very pale. “ Thank God ! � said Edith, and she covered h...Edith tried to read. “ Don’t read, Edith,� said the young nncle, suddenly. “ Talk instead.� “To t...Catskill Recorder (Newspaper) - July 20, 1877, Catskill, New York
July 20, 1877 - Catskill Recorder - Catskill, New York, United States Of America