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Cincinnati Commercial Tribune

Edith Cavell and Black Maria, Invaders, Head Array�?Mom’s Boy Equals Record. By LINCOLN G. PLAUT, Sports...Edith Cavell, W. R. Coe’s Black Marla, J. N. Camden’s Dark Phantom, A. B. Hancock's Percussion and Parco, ...Edith Cavell and Black Maria, fresh from successful campaigning in the East, will convey the hopes of that dis...Cincinnati Commercial Tribune (Newspaper) - July 3, 1926, Cincinnati, Ohio
July 3, 1926 - Cincinnati Commercial Tribune - Cincinnati, Ohio, United States Of America

San Antonio Light

Edith Cavell to Have Figure of Humanity as Background Built of Carrara Marble and Standing Forty Feet High, Me...Edith Cavell. .More thnn wo years have gone by since the darkness of that summer night through which she passe...Edith Cavell was a martyr to the causn of humanity. Let us look back at the story. Edith Cavell was a nuvso in...San Antonio Light (Newspaper) - May 26, 1918, San Antonio, Texas
May 26, 1918 - San Antonio Light - San Antonio, Texas, United States Of America

Boston Sunday Post

EDITH CAVELL France Honors Heroines Whose Deeds Are Now Revealed Princess Marie de Croy. * Mlle. Henriette....Edith Cavell. What of the other three, who knew all the agony of the death vigil and were reprieved only at t...Edith Cavell did not work alone. Her work in Brussels was aided by To her large numbers**«)! French, English...Boston Sunday Post (Newspaper) - August 3, 1919, Boston, Massachusetts
August 3, 1919 - Boston Sunday Post - Boston, Massachusetts, United States Of America

Cincinnati Commercial Tribune

Edith Cavell, gifted with' a goodly measure of the speed and courage of her illustrious sire, Man o’ War, de...Edith Cavell was the betting choice of the field and, like Black Marla, conveyed an impost of 126 pounds' over...Edith Cavell added slightly to her advantage, with Mary O* moving into the thick of the battle as the field hu...Cincinnati Commercial Tribune (Newspaper) - July 4, 1926, Cincinnati, Ohio
July 4, 1926 - Cincinnati Commercial Tribune - Cincinnati, Ohio, United States Of America

Philadelphia Inquirer

Edith Cavell, Regardle55 of Qaestion of Gailt, Shoald Not Have Been Execated BecanseShe Wa^ a Woman�?Women D...Edith Cavell has brought this strange psychology to the front again. In men it has brought to the surface a fu...Edith Cavell just except for the fact that she had no voice in making the laws regarding war and peace. At th...Philadelphia Inquirer (Newspaper) - December 5, 1915, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
December 5, 1915 - Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Of America

Williamsport Sunday Grit National Edition

Edith Cavell, divided , between pity and hatred for these men so far from home, yet bringing ruin to another c...Edith Cavell and almost Itll-her staff'refused. The -war went on, westward, and $oon. Brussels was q rear area...Edith Cavell./ * “,1 have seen suffering, poverty, and human wretchedness in the 'slums of London, but noth...Williamsport Sunday Grit National Edition (Newspaper) - March 19, 1967, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
March 19, 1967 - Williamsport Sunday Grit National Edition - Williamsport, Pennsylvania, United States Of America

Abilene Reporter News

Edith Cavell. Before leaving Britain, the two visited Brussels to get material for the picture. Nurse Edith C...Edith Cavell' First Propaganda Motion Picture of Current European Conflagration By GARTH JONES Lady Luck and...Edith Cavell in Dallas Thursday evening. Principals in RKO-Radk>’s sags of the feminine Engliish martyr are...Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - September 17, 1939, Abilene, Texas
September 17, 1939 - Abilene Reporter News - Abilene, Texas, United States Of America

Logansport Pharos Reporter

Edith Cavell the heroic British Red Cross nurse shot in Belgium by the Germans as a spy for whom England has e...Edith Cavell The en tirestory is based on fact The re port Brand Wtritlock the Ameri can Minister to Belgium i...Edith Cavell the British Red Cross nurse who is admirably portrayed in this picture by Julia Arthur For sheer ...Logansport Pharos Reporter (Newspaper) - May 29, 1919, Logansport, Indiana
May 29, 1919 - Logansport Pharos Reporter - Logansport, Indiana, United States Of America

Evening Star

Edith Cavell ."| "Nurse Edith Cavell." Your Troubles S T —— James Jean Arthur. James'Jean Arthur. James...Edith Cavell." "Nurse Edith Cavell." [ "Fast and Furious._ ronton i"Susannah of the "Susannah of ’the "Stro...Edith Cavell." "Nurse Edith Cavell." "Nurse Edith Cavell." Fast and Furious, i_Cavalcade_ 777� James Cagney...Evening Star (Newspaper) - December 3, 1939, Washington, Washington-DC
December 3, 1939 - Evening Star - Washington, Washington-DC, United States Of America

Boston Sunday Post

Edith Cavell (Miss Arthur) receiving her sentence. ---�?�?«f*------- With her millionaire husband she o...Edith Cavell! The beautiful actress, who married Benjamin Pierce Cheney of Boston, has found the heroic role ...Edith Cavell,� says Miss Arthur. In Boston, on the speaking stage, the actress made her last appear? nee in...Boston Sunday Post (Newspaper) - November 3, 1918, Boston, Massachusetts
November 3, 1918 - Boston Sunday Post - Boston, Massachusetts, United States Of America