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Boston Sunday Post

Edith dressed for the party that I was afraid she would bring on a fever.� “Therefore you disappointed Ed...Edith Pemberton. But Edith was not proof against that passion which is libelled as selfish and engrossing. Ed...Edith, it is ouite late, and little Madge is waiting for me to sing her to sleep.� “Pshaw, Edith, you are
December 23, 1894 - Boston Sunday Post - Boston, Massachusetts, United States Of America

Salt Lake City Deseret News

Edith Orlan suppressed any tempts lion to acream or to make an Impulsive dash. There wa* no place to hid* and ...Edith. "My name?" "Yea." "Prudence Rmlth." "Take It quietly,� said Edith. "Where did you come from?" Pr...Edith. It can not be said that in constancy of purpose she quite equaled Edith Orlan in the year and a half o
September 3, 1921 - Salt Lake City Deseret News - Salt Lake City, Utah, United States Of America

Philadelphia Times

Edith would surrender her heart a Captive. But perhaps lie was mistaken in the name; and turning to Edith : â€...Edith chatted merrily the wholo way home. Ducan was silent. Edith jokingly inquired it he laid "lost his tongu...Edith still held in her hand. A cold bow from Edith, and tho lady continued : " I saw by your advertisement,
June 29, 1879 - Philadelphia Times - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Of America

Edwardsville Intelligencer

Edith M Tuxharn lot 2........ Edith M Tuxham lot 3........ Edith M Tuxharn lot 4........ Edith M Tuxharn lot 5...Edith M Tuxharn lot 2....... 30 Edith Mv Tuxharn lot 3....... I Edith M Tuxharn lot 4....... 30 Edith M Tuxhar...Edith it Tuxharn lot 6....... 30 Edith M Tuxharn lot 7....... 1 Edith M Tuxharn lot 8....... 30 i Edith M Tuxh
July 9, 1919 - Edwardsville Intelligencer - Edwardsville, Illinois, United States Of America

Abilene Semi Weekly Reporter

Edith Y ,yn» could again thank her stars, i For Edith Wayne was oven no t not so very far from th© villngo a...Edith i Wayne was encamped in the Jungle. Now, on a certain day in August, I Edith and her party set forth o...Edith cried, in great Joy. - "Careful, Edith,� her father called. "Don’t move.� "We are saved,� Edith
October 30, 1914 - Abilene Semi Weekly Reporter - Abilene, Texas, United States Of America

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Clearfield Progress

Edith Taylor. 1. Edith 2. Mrs A. V. Hefferan. R.D. Osceola Mrs. Donald Barr. Edith Taylor. 1. Mrs. John 2. Edi...Edith Taylor. Edith Taylor. 1. Edith Taylor. I. Edith Taylor. 1. Mrs. Wm Edith Taylor. 1. Eva Oskorip. Edith T...Edith Taylor. 1. Edith Taylor. Edith Taylor. 1. Eva 2. Edith Tavlor. I. Edith 2. Mrs. John Mrs. Edgar Henry. T
August 18, 1976 - Clearfield Progress - Clearfield, Pennsylvania, United States Of America

Pittston Gazette

Edith Lane. How it happened that they were all in this box shall now bo briefly told. It was Bomo six months ...Edith Lane’a father called her into hia own room. Efe then explained to her that she was so old that she mos...Edith had a safe of her own, liad begged her to take care of them, and at her second visit to the safe Edith i
October 31, 1890 - Pittston Gazette - Pittston, Pennsylvania, United States Of America

Dunkirk Evening Observer

Edith brought tho Viscount and Ernest to lier aid. Edith was supporting tho deathly face upon her bosom when ...Edith ugnin hi I the presence of tho mull ho knew poi- | sensed his secret A loving farewell to Edith and Erne...Edith, in a terrified tone, for Iii; looks more than his words alarmed her. “ Do not bo affected, Edith,�
June 14, 1884 - Dunkirk Evening Observer - Dunkirk, New York, United States Of America

Philadelphia Times

Edith all the worst of it. When he was in a good temper Edith bad the benefit of bis amiability ; when he was ...Edith still. Ho did not distrust his wife ; for oue thing, he was too vain a man for jealousy ; then Edith was...Edith Hume still, bat soon to be Edith Rufford. This luxurious, well appointed, artistically furnished Englis
April 8, 1894 - Philadelphia Times - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Of America

Bloomington Weekly Pantagraph

Edith thinks of having a mother like this? I said I didn’t think it would have any influence with Edith. Don...Edith took up the carpet. Mary and I went In to clean utter Edith went. M iry said Edith couldn't take her hom...Edith. Hhe went to Mrs. Thomas' to get Edith and Mrs. Thomas would not let Edith go. Maty came baek mad, and s
January 24, 1902 - Bloomington Weekly Pantagraph - Bloomington, Illinois, United States Of America