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Jerky. The following were the performers: -Main Mrs Palmer. Miss Drennan Miss Hayeeillias Rsise Hayes. Miss ldda have.. iThia Edith Morgan Miss M Morgan. Miss I) Morgan, , Captain Cooper. W F 0 Hayes. Mr T Hayes. r Walker. R
December 15, 1900 - Cork Weekly News - Cork, Cork, Republic of Ireland
Ililes= 'tor

Ililes= 'tor

auspices of the Gleaner's Union. The I irge hall drooled in most picturesque sod patriotic St, 1., this being nodertakeu hy Edith sod sod. needless to say, in le hand.. the deooratioes were worst dkimily carried whole appearan , .ol this hall being transformed
December 15, 1900 - Lurgan Times - Lurgan, Armagh, Northern Ireland
irt lei 1 Stfri – 1 -.-

irt lei 1 Stfri – 1 -.-

0 ' Weld Wagon& to Wahl Watorfo• I Shp Oe's re b. hove Cork Sr ant., tweed s or Wexford Whistled Illesealblp 00, ere •aai Edith L. IL Os. how Itiatol bash to Whew tparewat. Thaw far two mouths. ° Me lethal Varela Wad et Nowa Warerford. Erne Waterfred
December 15, 1900 - Waterford Chronicle - Waterford, Waterford, Republic of Ireland