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ice; .:d. i:r.:a pair

ice; .:d. i:r.:a pair

Jar" JartJaidish U. T. Mill.. Middle*" Orr. Pender, Area R. &roar* &ark* Dram tV J. Woolson, W. Wringhtes. Ws:twiny. : Edith de Cavell Brooke, Brooke, Earnaby, E. Chaplin. C.U.son Pe=Dalton. Fo.kgPaiviak Gunmen. Graham. Tisch Hamm, Mane Mischdank Nsylx
February 7, 1891 - Leicester Daily Post - Leicester, Leicestershire, England


their worn, style of pro. du we have repeatedly directed wen... 15e c number the is rhietly made up of •captive tale by Edith E. Cavell, emuled " The Story of Globose, • illamtated by Pere. Tamest Chad. As frontispiece there is • wises •• A Water Witch,"
July 16, 1892 - Hampshire Independent - Southampton, Hampshire, England


—Ethel Smallfield, Willie Fagg. Grace Parnell, John Bax, Eva Clark, Bertie Chandler, Lily Munday, James Castle, Edith Dawson, Alfred Cavell, Lily Dray .James Blackwell. Annie Farnhara. Stephen Bowne, Doris Sweetman,Willie Keeler, Ethel Fright, Arthur
December 30, 1899 - Thanet Advertiser - Ramsgate, Kent, England