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British Newspapers

An incredible collection! In minutes I was able to find my great-grandfather from Yorkshire. What a treat.

Susan K, Evanston, IL

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About the British newspaper collection

Gathered from one of the largest collections in the United Kingdom, our British newspapers include thousands of local and regional publications across the England, Wales, and Scotland. Each page has been completely digitized and fully indexed, offering you the ability to search every word within an article.

To see a full list of newspaper titles included, select "By Newspapers" from the filters on the left. Additional newspapers will be added to the collection over time.

Why newspapers?

Newspapers are an incredible resource when tracing your family tree as they reveal the daily lives of our ancestors. Local newspapers (like those found on findmypast) include more than just announcements of births, marriages, and deaths. Local articles include visitors to and from town, legal detailing the settling of estates and land sales, and advertisements.

Local newspapers also provide a glimpse at major national – and local events, through the eyes of the community. The role and story of significant events, such as World War I or tragic events of the devastating world-wide flu epidemic of 1917-1919 are reported through a local lens, allowing you to further understand an ancestor's place within their local community.