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Illaaknam, Languor, and Dataft.

Illaaknam, Languor, and Dataft.

WADEBRIDGF. AND PADITOW, Caning at aad Ilfraambe. 1111•1•111. haat...mad Waded.. 116•1• L ?flaw Ibiuers iiii:". iromaia.e4 piper • ..= ir la m m w mg =dr. •• male So mmo, ....ansm an.plim we've@ ara.a.• • mu* morr. Te••• 47 - 1 "DA lAL IS ''' . I Loss of Appetite, ma I wag, , I
February 27, 1878 - Swansea and Glamorgan Herald - Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales