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OLD BAIL&X, Febsuaily"l6.

OLD BAIL&X, Febsuaily"l6.

Acquitted. ■ Sam. Fowler, and Henry tVoolf, only 12 .years of age, were found guilty of a burglary in the dwelling-house of Joel Barnes. James Ingram was capitally indicted for burglariously enter- ing the house of Jane Uing?, and stealing therefrom various
February 17, 1814 - Morning Post - London, London, England


Fowler and Henry Woolf, two boys of twelve years of age, was tound guilty of burglatiously entering the dwelling. house of Joel Barnes, and stealing therein a knife, his property. James Ingram stood cipitally indicted for burglariousty entering the house
February 23, 1814 - London Moderator and National Adviser - London, London, England