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Title Category Subcategory Records
Ireland, Non-Conformist Births & Baptisms Life Events (BMDs) Parish Baptisms 7,032
Ireland, Non-Conformist Burials Life Events (BMDs) Parish Burials 2,376
Ireland, Non-Conformist Congregational Records Churches & Religion Religious Ceremonies 13,139
Ireland, Non-Conformist Marriages Life Events (BMDs) Parish Marriages 2,458
Ireland, Original Will Registers 1858-1920 Life Events (BMDs) Wills & Probate 181,411
Ireland, Outrage Reports 1836-1840 Institutions & Organisations Government 18,157
Ireland, Petty Sessions Court Registers Institutions & Organisations Courts & Legal 23,437,915
Ireland, Poverty Relief Loans 1821-1874 Institutions & Organisations Government 691,210
Ireland, Poverty Relief Loans 1821-1874 Browse Institutions & Organisations Government 86,368
Ireland, Reports Of Record Keeping Newspapers, Directories & Social History Social History 1,062
Ireland, Royal Hibernian Military School History Education & Work Schools & Education 168
Ireland, Royal Hibernian Military School Staff and Pupils 1847-1932 Education & Work Schools & Education 9,898
Ireland, Royal Irish Constabulary History & Directories Education & Work Occupations 46,852
Ireland, Royal Irish Constabulary Pensions 1826-1925 Education & Work Occupations 128,993
Ireland, Royal Irish Constabulary Service Records 1816-1922 Education & Work Occupations 486,653
Ireland, Select Committee On Fictitious Votes 1837-1838 Census, Land & Surveys Electoral Rolls 52,630
Ireland, Society Of Friends (Quaker) Births Life Events (BMDs) Parish Baptisms 86,100
Ireland, Society Of Friends (Quaker) Browse Life Events (BMDs) Parish Baptisms 122,854
Ireland, Society Of Friends (Quaker) Congregational Records Churches & Religion Administration 1,462,540
Ireland, Society Of Friends (Quaker) Deaths Life Events (BMDs) Parish Burials 78,519