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Title Category Subcategory Records
Arkansas Confederate Pensions 1901-1929 Image Browse Armed Forces & Conflict Regimental & Service Records 159,626
Arkansas First Draft Registration Card, 1940-1945 Image Browse Armed Forces & Conflict Second World War 1,003,703
Arkansas Second Registration Draft Cards 1948-1959 Armed Forces & Conflict Regimental & Service Records 57,694
Arkansas, Land Records Index, 1853 Census, Land & Surveys Land & Estates 49,329
Arkansas, World War I Discharge Records Index, 1917-1918 Armed Forces & Conflict First World War 11,793
Baltimore Passenger Lists 1846-1851 Travel & Migration Passenger Lists 187
Baltimore Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms Life Events (BMDs) Parish Baptisms 442,314
Baltimore Roman Catholic Parish Burials Life Events (BMDs) Parish Burials 166,194
Baltimore Roman Catholic Parish Congregational Records Life Events (BMDs) Parish Registers 193,112
Baltimore Roman Catholic Parish Marriages Life Events (BMDs) Parish Marriages 194,001
Baltimore Roman Catholic Parish Registers Browse Life Events (BMDs) Parish Registers 145,464
Berkeley, California, Obituary Index, 1894-1907, 1920, 1923, 1925, 1930-1933 Life Events (BMDs) Civil Deaths & Burials 34,452
Berks County, Pennsylvania, Death Index Life Events (BMDs) Civil Deaths & Burials 11,812
Berrien County, Michigan, Death Record Index, 1920 Life Events (BMDs) Civil Deaths & Burials 6,572
Berrien County, Michigan, Marriage Record Index, 1900-1909 Life Events (BMDs) Civil Marriage & Divorce 29,506
Billings, Montana, Old Billings Gazette Vitals and Indexes, 1882-1902 Life Events (BMDs) Civil Births 12,573
Bisbee, Arizona, Evergreen Cemetery Interment Index, 1884-1999 Life Events (BMDs) Civil Deaths & Burials 15,045
Book Of Deeds Of Manumissions Of Slaves, 1774-1792 (Kent, Pennsylvania) Institutions & Organisations Courts & Legal 848
Boston Births and Baptisms, 1630-1699 Life Events (BMDs) Civil Births 11,979
Boston Births, 1630-1849 Life Events (BMDs) Civil Births 4,368