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Title Category Subcategory Records
Canada, Immigrants To Canada Index, 1750-1854 Travel & Migration Passenger Lists 67
Canada, Royal Canadian Navy Ledger Sheets Index, 1910-1941 Armed Forces & Conflict Regimental & Service Records 49
Cass County, North Dakota, Marriage License Index, 1872-1944 Life Events (BMDs) Civil Marriage & Divorce 14,952
Chester County, Pennsylvania, Birth Register Index, 1893-1906 Life Events (BMDs) Civil Births 23,311
Chester County, Pennsylvania, Death Index, 1893-1907 Life Events (BMDs) Civil Deaths & Burials 16,523
Chester County, Pennsylvania, Deed Book Index, 1820 Census, Land & Surveys Land & Estates 31,574
Chester County, Pennsylvania, Deeds - Grantor Index, 1688–1820 Census, Land & Surveys Land & Estates 29,134
Chester County, Pennsylvania, Orphans Court Estate Files Minors Papers - Minors Index, 1714–1881 Institutions & Organisations Courts & Legal 12,612
Chester County, Pennsylvania, Poor School Children Teachers Bills Index, 1810-1842 Education & Work Occupations 16,858
Chester County, Pennsylvania, Poorhouse Admissions Index, 1873–1910 Institutions & Organisations Workhouses and Poor Law 12,149
Chester County, Pennsylvania, Quarter Sessions Indictment Papers Index, 1681-1870 Institutions & Organisations Courts & Legal 22,609
Chester County, Pennsylvania, Quarter Sessions Indictment Papers, Victims Index, 1681-1870 Institutions & Organisations Courts & Legal 12,154
Chester County, Pennsylvania, Septennial Census Returns Index, 1793 Census, Land & Surveys Census 71,430
Chester County, Pennsylvania, Tax Record Index, 1747-1764 Institutions & Organisations Government 35,811
Chicago Roman Catholic Cemetery Records, 1864-1989 Life Events (BMDs) Parish Burials 1,920,895
Chicago Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms Life Events (BMDs) Parish Baptisms 1,564,480
Chicago Roman Catholic Parish Burials Life Events (BMDs) Parish Burials 266,640
Chicago Roman Catholic Parish Congregational Records Churches & Religion Religious Ceremonies 431,976
Chicago Roman Catholic Parish Marriages Life Events (BMDs) Parish Marriages 217,627
Chicago Roman Catholic Parish Registers Browse Life Events (BMDs) Parish Registers 232,392