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Title Category Subcategory Records
Ireland Calendars Of Wills & Administrations 1858-1920 Life Events (BMDs) Wills & Probate 117,845
Ireland Diocesan and Prerogative Wills & Administrations Indexes 1595-1858 Life Events (BMDs) Wills & Probate 6,506
Ireland, Original Will Registers 1858-1920 Life Events (BMDs) Wills & Probate 292
Index Of Irish Wills 1484-1858 Life Events (BMDs) Wills & Probate 1,833
W.P.W. Phillimore & Gertrude Thrift, Indexes To Irish Wills 1536-1858, 5 Vols (1909-1920) Life Events (BMDs) Wills & Probate 6,379
Ireland, Society Of Friends (Quaker) School Records Education & Work Schools & Education 3
Ireland Roman Catholic Parish Congregational Records Life Events (BMDs) Religious Ceremonies 1,373
Ireland, Non-Conformist Congregational Records Churches & Religion Religious Ceremonies 2,425
Ireland Roman Catholic Parish Registers Browse Life Events (BMDs) Parish Registers 75
Ireland Roman Catholic Parish Marriages Life Events (BMDs) Parish Marriages 77,078
Ireland Marriages 1619-1898 Life Events (BMDs) Parish Marriages 70,300
Irish Parish Register Marriages, Ffolliott Collection Life Events (BMDs) Parish Marriages 633
Betham Prerogative Marriage Licences Abstracts, 1629-1810 Life Events (BMDs) Parish Marriages 123
Ireland, Non-Conformist Marriages Life Events (BMDs) Parish Marriages 1,408
Ireland Down St Colmans Annaclone (RC) Marriages 1851-1913 Life Events (BMDs) Parish Marriages 1,137
Ireland Down Annaclone (Coi) Marriages, 1845-1900 Life Events (BMDs) Parish Marriages 114
Ireland Roman Catholic Parish Burials Life Events (BMDs) Parish Burials 24,007
Tipperary Clans Archive Life Events (BMDs) Parish Burials 1,070
Ireland, Society Of Friends (Quaker) Deaths Life Events (BMDs) Parish Burials 200
Ireland, Gravestone Records Life Events (BMDs) Parish Burials 583