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Here are a couple of suggestions to improve your search experience:

Tick the variants checkbox next to the text field you have used for your search. This option will then include variations of your search term in the results.

Sometimes the spelling of names and places can change over the years. Sometimes an ancestor might have used a nickname, or their name was spelled incorrectly by the person enumerating the census. In addition, sometimes names and locations are transcribed incorrectly in a record set.

We have a way to help you with these issues, by using the following characters in your search:

  • ? = single character wild-card
  • * = unknown text string

This is what will you will get in your search results:

  • Searching for “Re?d” would give results for “Reed”, “Read”, “Reid
  • Searching for “T*y” would give results for “Tommy”, “Tammy”, “Timmy”, “Toby

When searching a location please ensure that you put commas inbetween your places e.g. Wells, Indiana, USA rather than Wells Indiana USA.

We hope this improves your search experience and the quality of your results!